Electromobility Infrastructure Finance 2013

Electromobility Infrastructure Finance 2013, scheduled on October 8/9 in Vienna.


The general idea if this conference is to allow all those already involved, or entering the EV infrastructure to discuss the economic and financial challenges. We are bringing into the program all the different stakeholders, as well as financial institutions, energy companies, telco operators, solution providers, automotive industry, legal, strategy and financial advisors. To give you an idea about size, we are reserving a venue in Vienna for up to 120 participants from all over Europe (mainly Austria, Germany, UK, Switzerland, Italy, France, Portugal, Spain and CEE region). The campaign is expected to reach around 10,000 industry people in Europe primarily.


As at now, we have support from European Commission, European Investment Bank, Ministries of Transport from Germany and Austria, as well as large number of private companies.


See the link:- http://www.electromobility-finance.com/en/Financing-and-Developing-Electromobility-Infrastructure.html