ENEVATE Final Conference

The partners of the European Network of Electric Vehicles and Transferring Expertise (ENEVATE) proudly present the Final Conference on the 25th & 26th of September 2013 in Brussels.

Please feel cordially invited to this event which is organised by EASN in cooperation with 13 partners from North West Europe.

Final Conference
‘E-Mobility in North West Europe – Best Practice and Future Perspectives‘
25./26. September 2013 in Brussels

You are invited to attend the Conference day (on the 26th of September) for public policy makers in Europe, its countries, regions and cities, for stakeholders in the electric vehicle industry as well as for experts in research and education.

Integral to the conference will be a number of workshops, where you are encouraged to participate in the development of future EU project proposals, which build on the results of ENEVATE, to further stimulate the uptake of e-mobility.  The workshops will cover:

·        Implementation projects for cities and regions which incorporate the lessons learned from pilots from all over the EU;
·        Projects on stimulating technology and supply chain development on e-vehicle and charging infrastructure technology;
·        Projects on education and skills of the future workforce in e-mobility and e-vehicle industry.

There is also opportunity to join the Welcome Reception (on the 25th of September) which will be hosted in the EU parliament building. An excellent opportunity for networking in an environment which underlines the need for joint and synchronized action by public policy makers throughout the EU, the automotive industry and the energy sector.

Please find more information and the programme: http://enevate.eu/final_conference2013?Edition=en

Participation is free of charge.

For registration please refer to http://enevate.eu/final_conference2013?Edition=en&p=8

We are confident that your participation will lead to new insights and ideas for accelerating the implementation of e-mobility in your regions. An excellent opportunity to network with and learn from the experiences in other regions in North West Europe.

With kind regards,

Godfried Puts                        Dr. Kord Pannkoke                        Harm Weken
AutomotiveNL                        Bayern Innovativ GmbH                        European Automotive