Ultimate Cell


Recently appeared in the Portuguese market a designated as ULTIMATE CELL device whose Installation was Approved on light diesel and gasoline vehicles by the Portuguese Institute for Mobility and Transport of Portugal (IMT) after conducting numerous tests by the Institute of Welding and Quality (ISQ http://www.isq.pt/EN/homepage.aspx) and by DTEA - Transport, Energy and Environment , a member of the Institute of Mechanical Engineering , Instituto Superior Técnico pole in Lisbon http://www.idmec.ist.utl.pt/ .

The ULTIMATE CELL is produced and distributed worldwide by the Portuguese Company Ultimate Power Ltd ( www.ultimatepower.pt  ) and consists of an optimization of internal combustion engines device, which reduces fuel consumption and emissions of exhaust gases being effective to diesel engines , gasoline, ethanol , biodiesel and GPL .

The basic principle is the induction of small quantities of hydrogen in the air intake duct of the engine. Thus, the ULTIMATE CELL enriches the mixture and it will optimize the burning of fuels becoming more efficient and with less environmental impact , presenting itself as a market innovation device. When put into operation , the ULTIMATE CELL begins a process of electrolysis electronically controlled , resulting in the chemical separation of hydrogen molecules to be mixed in the air supply to the engine.

Upon such approval by the IMT, obtained after the first year of activity of our young company , the third strategic focus intended by Ultimate Power Ltd has achieved:

  1. Laboratory tests by entities recognized scientific merit which confirm the results achieved by hundreds of ULTIMATE CELLs that have been installed in cars , trucks , boats , generators , etc. . results with extraordinary savings ;
  2. Policyholder Insurance Coverage worldwide except United States and Canada ;
  3. Official approval by IMT, I. P. responsible for the national level , regulate, supervise and authority to exercise functions of coordination and planning in the land transport sector .

In summary , the ULTIMATE CELL:

1. Gets Reducing Fuel Consumption by 30 % and Emission Reductions particulates and gases up to 80 % ;

2 . Looks for a clear investment in energy efficiency contributing to the decrease in imports of petroleum products and to reduce the ecological footprint associated with its consumption , thus ensuring reduced emissions of harmful gases into the environment fulfilling and in line with all the Great EU2020 objectives of the European Union relating to Climate Change and Sustainable Energy ;

3 . Is in constant technological development by major investment Ultimate Power Ltd is in R & D with the participation Portuguese technicians and the Irish who had the original idea of the product, now also a minority shareholder of the company ;

4 . The device meets International Patent Pending under the Cooperation Treaty (PCT ) and the WIPO - World Intellectual Property Organization .